Jimmy Dean Biscuit & Sausage Gravy Breakfast Bowl


It’s a pretty good bet that the picture on the front of a box of frozen food is going to look much better than the way it’s going to look when you prepare it at home.  I suppose that makes up for the fact that you can’t smell or taste the food inside the box when you are shopping, to help out in the buying process.

Like most of the other Jimmy Dean products that I have reviewed on this blog (you can use the search feature to find those posts) this one is pretty good.  4 minutes after popping it into the microwave you can sit down to a pretty decent meal.  I have a process where I start my Keurig K-cup machine and a frozen meal as one of the first things I do when I reach my kitchen each morning.

I like the other varieties of breakfast bowls a little better than this one, but I buy it so that I can have something a little different every so often.  I recommend it for folks who want something quick in the morning.  I do add a little coarse black pepper on top to make it more like the country gravy I had when I was growing up.

Living Defense – Harmful Organism Cleanse Review

Living Defense - Harmful Organism Cleanse
Living Defense – Harmful Organism Cleanse

I don’t have any pets that need de-worming but I must admit to having eaten lots of raw food over the years.  I never got sick from it or felt any ill effects but I was wondering about what might be living in my gut, and whether cleansing out any bad stuff might make me feel noticeably better.

I started using this product almost 40 days ago, which is the recommended duration for a cleanse so that it takes care of anything that was present at the beginning, or began it’s life cycle during the cleanse.  3 pills taken before two meals a day wasn’t that difficult to do, although the capsules are rather large.  When I was a kid my mom called them “horse pills”.

The pills smell like cloves because that is one of the many natural ingredients in them.  I noticed after a while the same but much more subdued scent later when I would move my bowels.  Thankfully I didn’t smell or see anything else that was really strange or weird.  I had no cramping or anything else happen that was outside of how things normally work for me.  I will take my last dose in the next couple of days to complete 40 days worth.  I wouldn’t try and talk anybody out of using this product if they wanted to, in fact I would say at least based on my experience that it’s something you could easily do as long as you were happy spending the money on it.  As with any vitamin or supplement, you should always consult your physician before use.

I must say that I really don’t feel any different based on this product.  My weight has remained constant as has my waistline.  I did notice an improvement in my energy level soon after starting to take vitamins and other supplements at the same time as starting this product, but I think that was not because of this product.  It might have been because of this.

They might be something that works for some folks, but in my case I didn’t see or feel a difference.  Perhaps my gut was relatively free of harmful organisms to begin with?

B12 might be a good nutritional supplement for me

Secret 12 B12
Secret 12 B12

I started taking vitamins and nutritional supplements 30 days ago, after living all of my adult life to date without them.  There was no special reason for this change, other than a curiosity to see if I would notice a benefit.  I’ll be mentioning this to my doctor during my next routine visit, although you should talk to your before you begin taking any vitamin or supplement.

There are a lot of other websites and people who talk about this stuff on the internet already, so do some searching if it’s a brand new topic to you, as I did about a month ago.  One of the things I started taking daily was Secret 12 B12 drops placed under my tongue each morning.  This is supposed to absorb better than when it is delivered in pill form, but not as well as B12 shots from a doctor.  I also read an article recently that older people’s digestive tracts have more difficulty in absorbing B12 from foods as we age.

This particular version tastes great, and a dropper full each day delivers 2500 mcg which is 41667% of the Daily Value (DV).  DV should be thought of as the minimum amount needed to live without deficiency related issues and not the ideal amount to absorb each day.  Well at least that’s what I read from multiple trusted sources on the internet.

I also started taking multiple vitamins and some other supplements which I will also post about on this blog over time so I can’t be sure that any change in the way I feel is related to B12 use.  I’m about to run out of my first bottle and as a test I’m going to stop taking it for a while but continue taking the other supplements to see if I notice any change in how I feel.  For the past month I feel like I have more energy the moment I wake up in the morning, and I have not been dependent on a cup of coffee to get going and be alert.  Not an earth shaking change, and I’m certainly not making any type of claim that this cures or promotes any sort of positive change in health.

The cost for this was about a dollar a day so it’s not terribly expensive.  I haven’t price checked other sources but it wouldn’t surprise me if pill form was cheaper and there were other liquid forms on the market at various price points.  I’m not certain but it wouldn’t surprise me if this Vegan Safe B12 was just as good but only from a different source.

I’ll post a follow up on any difference I might notice in how I feel after skipping B12 for a couple of weeks.

Pre-cooked BBQ Chicken Meat – Taste Test

I grew up in the South and love BBQ meats.  There are different ways of preparing BBQ chicken, and lots of different tasting BBQ sauces.  Every now and then my local grocery store will have a Buy One Get One sale on pre-cooked BBQ chicken meat.  I decided to perform a taste test on the two brands they feature during these sales.

Lloyd's BBQ chicken meat
Lloyd’s BBQ chicken meat

Lloyd’s is the first of two brands that I tried.  For each brand I made sandwiches using rolls, and sometimes I would heat them and sometimes I would eat them without heating.  Lloyd’s BBQ sauce has a tangy taste to it that isn’t bad but I found that I wasn’t tasting the chicken as much as I like.  The texture is finely shredded.

Curly's Pulled Chicken
Curly’s Pulled Chicken

Curly’s is the second brand I tried in this taste test.  Curly’s BBQ sauce has a Hickory Smoked taste that is good but similar to what I described about Lloyds, it tends to overpower the flavor of the chicken meat.  The texture of Curly’s is pulled pieces, which are larger than the shredded chicken pieces in Lloyds.  My preference is for pulled but it does make it a little more difficult to get just the right amount on your bun without having a piece fall off while eating.

Which of these two won my taste test?  I like the Curly’s better but what I continue to buy at the store is the Curly’s Sauceless Roasted and Seasoned Chicken.  It’s next to these in the refrigerated case, and I like that I can taste the chicken easily.  I can still add some sauce of my choosing or not when I make a sandwich, but I portion it just right to retain the chicken meat taste.