Video Blog for 30 December 2016

In my short video blog entry for 30 December 2016 I make a run to the grocery store.  I don’t want to spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day without anything to eat or drink in my home.

Anthroplex supplement for men

Anthro Plex supplement for men
Anthroplex supplement for men

I tried out a month’s supply of Anthroplex for men earlier this year.  It’s a supplement designed for men to help them stay manly.  I wasn’t feeling deficient in that sense but could always be a little more manly so why the heck not try it.

The ingredients include Horny Goat Weed, Zinc Orotate, Tribulus Terrestris, and TongKat Ali.  These are said to be antioxidants, essential minerals, and aid vitality.

Anthroplex for men
Anthroplex for men

I took the recommended dosage each day, and I bought a second bottle so that my use spanned two months.  It’s tough to really say that I felt any different after taking it.  I stopped after two months and instead decided to try out a different product similar to this one that is supposed to be even better.  Look for a blog post in the future about that.

Video blog for 27 December 2016

I went to checkout the new Starbucks and ate a breakfast sandwich which I reviewed here.  Then I fired up Pokemon GO to see what a Starbucks sponsored Pokestop looks like.  I might have told a story too.




Double-Smoked Bacon, Cheddar & Egg Sandwich – Starbucks Review

I tried this hot breakfast sandwich from Starbucks for the first time and recorded my review.  It’s got bacon, egg, and cheese on a bun.  490 calories.