Elite Airline status without flying IS possible

United Airlines Elite
United Airlines Silver Elite for 2017

I didn’t fly on United Airlines last year, but I received my 2017 Silver Elite MileagePlus materials in the mail today.  It IS possible to earn airline status without flying.

In my case, I earned this status based on my participation in a hotel chain’s customer loyalty program that is partnered with United Airlines at this time.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money with Marriott and they recognize that via their Marriott Rewards program.

There are some credit cards that include airline elite status as a part of their benefits, or the use of that card for a certain amount of spending also allows the holder to earn airline status without flying.

You do have to sign up for the frequent flyer program, and use the associated ID on your reservations in order to take advantage of the program’s benefits.

United Airlines
United Airlines Silver 2017

United Airlines no longer issues a physical card for their frequent flyer program and like other airlines has migrated to a digital image of a card inside of their smartphone app for members to display if required.  I think there is an option to print one out via their website but I won’t be doing that.

This year they still sent a small tag that can be use on a piece of your luggage.  I’ll probably put this on whatever small cabin bag I use on my next trip.  There were no drink or snack coupons in the mailing.

United Airlines Tag
United Airlines Silver Tag

I wrote a blog post about my Medallion Elite Status with Delta Airlines earlier this year, and why I was no longer going to have it in 2017.



Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries review

Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries
Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries

I tried a recent addition to the Burger King menu this week and I liked their Jalapeño Chicken Fries.  To tell the truth I actually had these two different times this week.  The first time they weren’t served in the box that you see above, so I got them again in order to have a better picture to share.

Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries
Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries

I ate mine plain the first time, and the second time I used some Ranch sauce from Burger King to dip them.  It’s not like they are very hot and spicy in taste, but it complements their flavor in my opinion.

I liked these better than the plain or the Cheetos flavored Chicken Fries that I’ve had from them before.

Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries
Burger King Jalapeño Chicken Fries

According to the Burger King website, there are 300 calories in one serving.  Try them, you might like them.

Trading Bitcoin on the GDAX Exchange – Part 2

30 day report on Bitcoin Trading on GDAX

This is the second part of my video blog series on trading Bitcoin on the GDAX exchange.  You can see the first part here.  In this part I reveal how much I made doing it in the last 30 days.

Please visit the Disclosures page on this website to read about the compensation I  receive from  Coinbase when readers purchase Bitcoin using my referral link.


KFC Georgia Gold Chicken – Taste Test

KFC Georgia Gold Chicken
KFC Georgia Gold Chicken

Today I tried the Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken from KFC.  I got a box of chicken strips and they were really good.  I often pick Honey Mustard as my choice of dipping sauce but the flavor on these is even better, and it’s made into the strips.

I still think the Nashville Hot flavor from KFC is my favorite, and I reviewed that almost a year ago.  I think KFC trying out new flavors and seeing which ones are popular is a good move for trying to revamp their menu and offer more variety.

I lived in Georgia for many years and I must point out that I never saw any places or people who made their chicken like this.  Don’t let any concerns about authenticity stand in your way of trying out this flavor.  If you like Honey Mustard dipping sauce, I think you will like this flavor.  It won’t surprise me to see this flavor available a year from now.