Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage on a stick

imageI saw a banner ad for these Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a stick recently and clicked on it to go to their website and read about them.  I saw that they were available in regular and Blueberry pancake flavors.

I like sausage, pancakes, and blueberry syrup so these were placed on my shopping list in the Publix app and purchased the next time I bought groceries.  I brought them home and waited until breakfast time the next day to prepare them.

79 seconds later, plus a little time to let them cool off, and I was eating one for the first time.  My first impressions were that it smelled good and was incredibly fast and easy to prepare.  The texture and tastes of the pancake and the sausage were good, although not as good as made from scratch pancakes.  The blueberry flavor was not as strong as what I’d get from a stack of pancakes that I’d poured blueberry syrup over.  I usually put some pats of butter on my stacks of pancakes and the buttery taste was missing from these products.  I suppose the next step would be to add some butter to the outside of the stick and put a little syrup on a plate to dip them into as you eat in order to fully create the pancake eating experience I was comparing them to.

All things considered they are a good starting point for a quick breakfast.  I’m almost done eating the 12 that came in the box, and I’ve been eating them 2 at a time, 1 after another for 1 meal.  I will probably add them into the rotation of breakfast foods that I purchase which is a good way to avoid getting tired of eating the same foods over and over.

Chili, hold the beans

I don’t know when this became a personal preference of mine, but for many year’s I’ve always asked if a particular place’s chili had beans or not when deciding what I should order.  In general I like chili that has chunks of meat a lot more than I like chili that is all or mostly beans.

I’ve found no bean chili easily when I’ve been in Texas, but most of the time places serve chili with meat and beans.  I’ll go ahead and order it even if it has beans if it looks good.  My exception to this rule is for chili that’s place on top of a hot dog.  That chili should never have any beans in my opinion.


Don’t get me wrong, I like beans a lot, just not in my chili.  At the grocery store I usually buy the Hormel No Beans Chili in the can.  The Terlingua Chili served at Chili’s doesn’t have beans in it, at least not that I recall.  I do add some hot sauce into my chili to raise the heat level up a bit.

Which hot sauces do I like?  I could do a run down in a future blog post but either Cholula or Tabasco works well in chili for me.  Colder weather is when I like chili, goulash, and soup even more than during warmer months.  I will add cheese or onions to the top of my chili depending my mood at the time or ordering.

Stouffer’s Garlic Parmesan Mac & Cheese


I saw this Stouffers Garlic Parmesan mac and cheese in the freezer section for the first time when I did my grocery shopping @Publix this week

I’m a fan of garlic and I’m a fan of cheese and I like mac and cheese so I figured I would give this a try and see if the 340 calories contained in it would make for a satisfying snack.

I was not disappointed!  It did in fact taste very good and I was able to prepare it pretty quickly with very little effort.  I know a lot of people prefer meals cooked from scratch, but the easy, satisfying, and hopefully low cost option is something that I value as well.