Jimmy Dean Simple Scramblers for breakfast

Jimmy Dean Breakfast
Jimmy Dean Simple Scramblers for Breakfast

These Jimmy Dean Simple Scramblers are found in the refrigerated section of your grocer. I like that they aren’t frozen and they don’t have potatoes in them. Just eggs, cheese, and some meat. this was a good match for the Keto diet I tried out.

Preparation is super easy and quick. You open the sealed package and remote a small sealed cup that contains liquid eggs, and also a package that contains the cheese and meat. Empty the liquid eggs into the cup and place in the microwave for a short time. In mine that’s 60 seconds.

After a minute you take out the now hot cup of liquid eggs, and open the package of cheese and meat and stir it into the cup. Place the cup back into the microwave and cook it a second time. In my oven 50 seconds is what I use to finish cooking the mixture and have it solidify like scrambled eggs do when cooked.

I remove from the microwave and add pepper or some hot sauce and then it’s ready to consume straight from the container. I like that it yields pretty tasty results with a minimum of preparation effort or things to clean up.

I like all of them and usually pickup at least one of each of the three varieties. The pricing in the grocery store is much less than what I saw when adding the Amazon shopping info to this post.