Stouffer’s Urban Bistro Frozen Entrees reviewed

I recently saw some Stouffer’s frozen food in my grocer’s freezer section that was not in the normal colors but instead used the color blue on their packaging and were entrees for one that I hadn’t tried previously. Of course I grabbed one of each variety available and placed them in my cart.

Once home I went to the Stouffer’s web site where they said their new Urban Bistro line was “Modern dishes made with unique ingredients that make you go WOW!” Eight different selections were listed but I’ve only tried the 3 that my local retailer had in stock. Here they are in the order I like them, least to most.

Stouffer’s Urban Bistro – Cheddar and Goat Cheese Mac

The Cheddar and Goat Cheese Mac was good. I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty good. The smaller size of this entree probably means you will want to eat something else with it if you are hungry.

Stouffer’s Urban Bistro – Beer Glazed Meatballs

Stouffer’s Urban Bistro Beer Glazed Meatballs was even tastier and at least to my palate had a more complex mix of flavors. I liked the small little onions that are used and thought that I could have easily eaten two of these as a large meal.

Stouffer’s Urban Bistro – Aged Asiago Lasagna

My favorite of the three Stouffer’s Urban Bistro frozen entrees that I tried was the Aged Asiago Lasagna. It was really delicious and the portion size was just right for lunch. I’m going to look for the other Urban Bistro selections to try and review but this one is on my”buy again list”.